JPD Valet

About Us

J.P.D. Valet Inc. is a full-service, fully insured Valet Parking and Garage Management firm which services residential and business establishments throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. The firm's management has over thirty years of experience in the valet parking industry. A diversified client base consisting of high-rise luxury condominiums, upscale shopping malls, hospitals, as well as all types of residential, business and corporate indoor and outdoor garage parking, casino and stadium events. Additional services include shuttle van and bus services as well. The rapid growth and success of J.P.D. Valet Inc., is attributed to our dedication to professionalism and expertise, while always maintaining a personable and accommodating attitude and understanding toward our clients and their patrons. 

Hands-On Professional Management

Providing exemplary valet service quickly, safely and efficiently demands skill and experience.  J.P.D. Valet Inc., through its long history, has developed these skills and experience, which it ensures flow throughout its organization.  J.P.D. Valet Inc. will continue its practice of assigning an on-site Director of Operations who spends a substantial amount of his week on-site providing high-level supervision, training and oversight. It is this oversight that has enabled J.P.D. Valet Inc. to maintain a history of virtually trouble-free service at all our sites. In addition to the Director of Operations, J.P.D. Valet Inc.'s employees are constantly supervised by an on-site manager who ensures that our service standards are maintained at all times and can provide a quick and satisfactory resolution if any customer issues do arise. The dedication of such significant management resources underscores J.P.D.Valet Inc.'s commitment to this contract.

Our Experience

Another advantage to choosing J.P.D. Valet Inc., is our experience with processing claims and complaints expeditiously and with the highest degree of courtesy. We, at J.P.D. Valet Inc., are aware that successfully handling a customer's complaint can turn a disgruntled customer into a lifelong patron.

Insurance Policy

We are a fully insured Valet Parking and Garage Management firm.

J.P.D. Valet Inc., is a local full-service, fully insured valet parking and garage management firm servicing business establishments throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.


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