JPD Valet

Trustworthy and Trained Employees

In an industry where employee turnover tends to be high, J.P.D. Valet Inc. has continued to maintain the highest standards with respect to its valet employees. J.P.D. Valet Inc. employees must complete a training program personally set by our firm and demonstrate that they are ready to provide the quality "White Glove" service which is expected of them before they are ever allowed to work for us.  This focus on employee training has allowed J.P.D. Valet Inc. to provide many years of trouble-free service, with damage claims being kept to a bare minimum and employee theft remaining almost non-existent.

Our valets are closely supervised according to strict standards of performance and conduct, and, as a result, the workforce is highly conscientious and professional in every aspect of appearance. Our neatly uniformed valets treat every customer experience as if he or she were an honored guest. Customer service is often neglected by parking companies. J.P.D. Valet Inc. on the other hand, believes that service with a smile is not an "extra" but an essential part of its obligation to its client.

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Another advantage to choosing J.P.D. Valet Inc., is our experience with processing claims and complaints expeditiously and with the highest degree of courtesy.


  • Clean Black Shoes
  • Black Dress Pants
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Bow Ttie / Neck Tie
  • Company Winter Jackets